Norfolk Farmhouse

In their Norfolk home renovation, our client placed a premium on sustainability, provenance, and historical significance. The master plan was meticulously crafted to include suitable materials, traditional techniques, and authentic design elements.

The choices made throughout the project were not merely for aesthetic appeal. The commitment to sourcing British stone exemplifies the client’s dedication to their vision.

Its exclusivity adds to its appeal, often leaving visitors amazed and intrigued by its beauty and history. They are often surprised to learn the stone is British, having assumed it was Italian.’ - The client

The stones chosen for this project were Ball-Eye-Blue, Frosterley, Hopton Wood, Moorcroft Grey, Stoneycombe, and Swaledale Fossil.

Kitchen with Ball Eye Blue back wall and Swaledale Fossil prep sink.

Swaledale Fossil lined bathroom with hand carved Frosterley wash basin and pedastal.

Stoneycombe bathrooom and shower.

Moorcroft Grey bathroom, shower and book-matched floor.

Hopton Wood fireplace.

Frosterley fireplace.

Ball Eye Blue splashback and toilet surround.


Architect: Malcolm Fryer Architects
Interior Designer: Neil Sherring
Contractor: Bunting and Son
Photography: James Balston

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